English Heaven aims to provide customers with beautifully hand-crafted, display-mounted and framed images of England at it’s best; an almost other-worldly idyll (poetic license applied in good measure when appropriate).

Combining original digital photographs, software-manipulation and enhancement, compiled and presented using long established hand-craft skills and locally sourced traditional materials (solid wood frames and glass only are used).

Showing England at it’s most glorious, dramatic and beautiful, and all made here in England (the last time I looked Hartlepool remained stubbornly attached to the North East coast).

We are launching ourselves with what we call our ‘Big and Bold’ collection of over-sized pictures of what we believe to be quintessential England (with an unsurprising Northern bias as natives of the North East.) Check us out and let us know what you think.

That’s it in a nutshell. For those anglobores like myself I shall start to blog about the people and places included herein, which will hopefully prove of interest, if only for a minute or two. Hey ho..

A couple of final points :

firstly, all payments are handled securely via Paypal ( you don’t need to be a member ) and on-line deliveries are handled via ParcelForce (providing guaranteed 48 hour delivery, fully insured); and

secondly, if you use coupon code eh001offer when making a purchase you will receive a 20% discount. Better than a kick in the tender bits!

Finally, please do feel free to get in touch. I don’t get out much and it’s good to get feedback as long as it’s constructive.

N.B.  Our pictures are a combination of originally shot photos on my part and also a selection that countless hours, days and indeed month of digging for interesting stuff online. No picture included within EnglishHeaven are knowingly in breach of, and denying attribution of any artist. We take a lot of time and effort to ensure this, and specifically align with partners where pictures specifically do not require attributation. If you should come across any pictures which raise concern please let us know as soon as possible via out Contact page and we shall engage and action immediately. We would actually welcome input from photographers with a common interest and happily both show attribution and engage in fiscal remuneration on agreed terms. Should however, as an owner of specific image rights you do not wish to do so, then we will withdraw content immediately. I do hope this provides clarity as to both us, our approach and offering, as well as our positive intentions re collaboration.

Many thanks



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